One beautiful Sunday morning, I boarded a flight from Lagos to New York, as the plane taxied down the runway, I kept having this awkward feeling that something terrible would happen, owing to the fact that the weather was bad, but I was still confident that nothing would happen.
    As we took off and ascended into the skies, I was a bit calm. We experienced a few turbulence, then midway into the flight, we had a lightening strike, it was so violent that I could see some smoke coming out of the engine.
    Then the Pilot made an announcement over the PA system, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I’m afraid to inform you that we have lost all four engines due to a lightening strike we just experienced now and we are losing altitude fast. Our flight engineers are battling to see whether we can restore some of the engines. In the mean, I expect all passengers to remain calm and follow the safety procedure I’m about to demonstrate incase our situation turns hopeless. Underneath your seats, you would see a life vest and a parachute, since you are going to need both, I expect you to put on your life vest and parachute, remember not to inflate your life vest inside the aircraft. Then make sure you walk towards the emergency door in a single file and take your turn to jump out of the aircraft. Remember to open your parachute somewhere between 3000-2000ft. If you look out the window now, you would see how I AM DOING IT. MAKE SURE YOU DO IT THE SAME WAY AND YOU WILL BE JUST FINE!


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