Reports obtained from Chima Amadi on Sahara Reporters, an online news hub indicates that President Muhammadu Buhari must have died in England and replaced with a man from Sudan named Jubril.

According to Chima, when President Buhari miraculously beat the cloud of death that hovered around him due to his prolonged ill-health, not a few people noticed that the Buhari that returned to Nigeria was a physically different and better version of the septuagenarian that left for medical attention in England. From the thin and cachectic frame that Nigerians were familiar with, a more robust looking and energetic Buhari emerged and used every occasion to flaunt his newfound vigor and look. His handlers were quick to remind us that following the sea of people that blocked his way to his Daura home, the president walked about five miles to get to his house. An elated Femi Adeshina was not humble in his celebration of the revival and increased the crescendo of his taunt of “wailers” (the president’s opponents).

The president’s renewal baffled many, one of whom was the leader of the now almost defunct IPOB commune, Nnamdi Kanu, who in one of his many prognostications, averred that what Nigerians were witnessing was a grand deception by the president’s inner coterie infamously known as “the cabal”. According to Kanu, the president was long dead and buried in England, and the striking look-alike we are seeing is an impostor called Jubril, that hails from Sudan, whose task was to be a puppet controlled by the “late” president’s possé.



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