Reports obtained from the fasting programme organised to curb incessant death among members of the National Association of Urhobo Professional Orators(NAUPO) by Archbishop Dr. Solomon Gbakara at God’swill Mission Headquarters situated along Usiefurun Orhowhorhun Road, admonished Orators to shun Idolatry, fornication, drunkenness among others in order to enjoy longevity cum divine protection.

Speaking at the fasting programme, Solomon Gbakara itemized some of the consequences of Idolatry to include: premature death Deuteronomy 8:9, Curse Exodus 20:3-6, Separation from God, Hosea 4:17, unanswered prayers Jeremiah 6:16-17, Wrath of God, Increment of ones problem, among others, charged the Orators to accept Jesus as their lord and personal savior before he led them into various prayer sessions.

National President of the Association, Chief Dr. Joseph Efemena Aphiah, who spoke on behalf of the association, reiterated that the fasting and prayer programme in conjunction with Archbishop Dr. Solomon Gbakara is aimed at curbing untimely deaths from the circle of the Orators because since the founder of the body died some years ago alot of Orators had died, according to him the incessant deaths brought apprehension cum fear among Orators hence a man of God is being called upon today to help break the yoke via fasting and prayers. As requested by Arch Bishop Gbakara he handed over some prayer requests.

Aphiah who further spoke with Newsmen after the programme thanked Archbishop Solomon Gbakara for programme as he equally called on quack Urhobo Orators to repent, as the quacks are operating out of the ethics and norms of the Urhobo Oratory Profession. Aphiah who attributed poverty, lack of what to eat as some of the reasons of quacks in the profession, stated that the National body is putting all modalities in place to bring all the perpetrators to book in no distant time.

National Association of Urhobo Professional Orators(NAUPO)

Over 50 Orators from the 24 kingdoms of Urhobo attended the programme with a promise from Arch Bishop Gbakara to visit the national body during her general meeting to pray for other Orators who were absent from the programme upon the invitation of the body.


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