Photos Of Moulded Images From Burnt Notre Dame Cathedral Causes Controversy Among Social Media Users

Images of statutes situated in the burnt Notre Dame cathedral has caused a stir between social media users with many people questioning the relationship between christianity and the moulded Images.


Recall, A massive blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris devastated large parts of the 850-year-old church. The fire is now out, but the cathedral’s iconic spire fell during the hours it took to battle the blaze.

Social media user, Pedro Obi wrote:


“The Images you see are not in a Masonic temple. They are not in a Devils Cathedral or Ogboni Temple or even the famous OKIJA shrine.

“They are Art works depicting a lot of symbols on the burnt Notre Dame cathedral reported to be about 850years old situated in France.

“My question to Christians especially the faithfools amongst you is that, if you find these symbols in a church in Nigeria, would you worship in it?

“Look at them closely again. If i put these symbols in my house would you still visit as a worshipper?

“Christianity is a dreaded cult. Just like the Free Masonry and the underworld Mobs, religion in itself is an organized crime. Evil and brutal and you wonder why more than 95% of the Dreaded Italian and Sicilian Mafias are Catholics.

“They inject a lot of funds sourced from Drug deals, Murders, forced prostitution, racketeering, arms deal, bootlegging and match fixing into the Vatican directly.

“It is very disgusting to see Africans now claim defence for Christianity and Jesus more than the Roman Catholics the inventors of it.

“The most corrupt RELIGION remains Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church played a massive role in Hitler’s extermination of the Jews.

“They supported him massively with money, weapons and “prayers”. The Church itself is an evil formation founded on the principles of love on the surface but evil in its bowels. An eye for eye style if you ask me.

“I must ask you again to think and think again about these images on the burnt Notre Dame in France. Who are those behind the massive donations been put forward to restore the glory of this evil cult house? Do you know that nearly a billion Euros have been raised for its restoration?


“The Gofund me page raised over a million dollars in 24hours alone. Try same for victims of the Kaduna, Zamfara or Benue massacres, I will give you my scrotum if you raise $10,000 in 6 months. They won’t donate of course!!

“Did these donors not hear of the Disaster that swept Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi just a few weeks ago? Did they rally such massive funding for the rescue and restoration of distraught and broken families who lost thousands of people and properties worth billions of Dollars to the raging storm???


“I leave you with that constant reminder put forward by one of the most corrupt, immoral and wicked pope ever known in the entire history of the Roman Catholic Dynasty whence he said.
“what great profit hath that fable of Christ not brought us”

What do you think?

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Written by Kamani Desmond

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