A Portharcout based fine girl and model, Marilyn Jonathan took to a popular facebook group to bemoan how she was made to go through a deliverance session alongside her sister after they agreed to follow their mother to church.

“There are churches that are anti-fine girls, yes!. They believe all fine girls are possessed by marine spirits. It happened in January. I and my sis were pressurized by mum to attend this Church’s January prog (my mum very religious somebody, as long as the banner is on point she must attend). And again she wanted us to go and takeover the year with serious prayers and since the church was few steps away from home. So I and sis reluctantly dressed up never knowing our village people prepared along. As we walked into the church with our artificial ‘ajebutterness’ forming all posh. That was were we entered one chance. The minister and his men ran like a cock that sighted a hen towards us and dragged me and my sis out (my heart sank). The minister let out a war song as they sang and circled us. The crowd was clapping and singing victoriously as if they had known we are witches and judgement has finally caught up with us. If you see deliverance that commenced, they spun, flung, pushed, in fact manhandled us. Poor me. I turned to my sis for moral support, but cringed cos my sis was dishevelled already looking like a witch, chai! I turned to my mum, that one shouting fire! fire! smh.

“The next thing my eye met was the DOOR. knowing that these people won’t free us, I decided flee with the speed of light but had a change of plan because they may run after me, overtake me, catch me and carry me on their shoulders, perhaps with chains around me. To cut the story short, we succumb to our deliverance in agony and shame. We couldn’t stand the stares my mum was busy thanking God that despite coming late God located us and opened our files. Hope I’m not alone in this kinda delivrance?” She narrated.

Are churches truly anti-fine girls?

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