Mr Ajalekoko and Mr Jegede are both contesting for the post of Governor in Gongola state. Mr Ajalekoko and Mr jegede flag off their campaign.

    Mr Ajalekoko is busy distributing money, sharing bags of rice and verbally attacking personality, without telling the people the agenda he has for them.

    Mr Jegede, on the other hand doesn’t have any money to lavished but he has a cogent agenda, which he believed when he eventually emerged, he is going to transform into reality.


    Mr Owonikoko and Mr Jugunu are both civil servants of Gongola state. The following conversation ensued between them.

    *Mr Jugunu* – Mr Owonikoko, who are you going to vote for in the forthcoming election?

    *Mr Owonikoko* – Who do you expect me to vote for?

    *Mr Jugunu* – it’s Mr Jegede, of course.

    *Mr Owonikoko* – Hell no, I can’t vote for that stingy man…

    *Mr Jugunu* – so you mean your vote is going to be for Mr Ajalekoko?

    *Mr Owonikoko* – yes, of course.

    *Mr Jugunu* – if I may ask, why do you want to vote for Mr Ajalekoko?

    *Mr Owonikoko* – the man is not stingy. He gave me a bag of rice and some cash.

    *Mr Jugunu* – but Mr Jegede has a very good plan he’s going to offer the people.

    *Mr Owonikoko* – to hell with his plan. Who plan help?


    *Two years after the election;*

    *Mr Owonikoko* – there is no basic infrastructure, there is high rate of unemployment and workers are owned backlog of salaries. I’m really fed up with this government. Life is becoming really hard.

    *Mr Jugunu* – Mr Owonikoko, why are you complaining? I don’t think you have any justification to complained?

    *Mr Owonikoko* – (become furious), Mr Jugunu, why are you talking like this? Why won’t I complained when life is hard and our government is not bothered about it.

    *Mr Jugunu* – remember! You voted for the government.

    *Mr Owonikoko* – (became more furious), Mr Jugunu, it seems you must be out of your senses. So if I voted for the government, does that mean I don’t have the moral rights to complained?

    *Mr Jugunu* – yes, Mr Owonikoko. You don’t have the moral rights to complained because you did not just vote. You also voted because of the money and the bag of rice you received from Mr Ajalekoko two years ago.
    Remember, I was telling you at that time that you should vote for someone who has a cogent agenda to offer, to someone who is busy sharing money and bags of rice. Not only that, he was verbally attacking personalities instead of addressing issues but instead, you turned a deaf ear and you are blinded by what you will gain at the moment instead of thinking about the future. Now, the future is here and you’re facing the consequences of your actions. Now, your case is like the biblical Esau who sold his birthrights, just to get a morsel of porridge.

    You have already sold your vote, so I don’t think Mr Ajalekoko, the current governor has anything to offer you again.

    Your first child, who is a graduate, is busy sleeping at home and still collecting money from you because there is no job. Your second child is out of school because of the high increment in school fees and you yourself has not being paid salary for several months now.

    You have sold your future and that of your children. So you have no choice than to face the consequences.

    *Mr Owonikoko* – (became sober), Mr Jugunu, please stop now! I’ve had enough of that.

    *Moral lesson*
    When a politician is busy sharing money just to buy your vote, what is the first thing that will comes to your mind?

    Why would a politician be sharing money if he doesn’t have any ulterior motive? Why would service to humanity be a do or die affair?

    The Yoruba’s will say: *Enu to baje dodo, k’ole so ododo.* meaning if you take bribe, you will not have the moral rights to say the truth.

    *I am Adeyemi Oluwatosin (Valentine). Come 2019, I’m not going to sell my vote.*


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