The President General of UPU, Chief Engr Joe Orode Omene JP, recently presided over an extended meeting of the NEC of the UPU and resolved as follows:
1. UPU NEC regrets and condemns the resumptions of fatal hostilities between Aladja and Ogbe-Ijaw neighbouring communities. Our condolences go to individuals and families who have lost loved ones to the renewed violence. We call on both parties, their supporters and sponsors to exercise utmost restraint and cease further hostile behaviour and remember the many years of mutual friendship they have had from time immemorial.
2. That there is another reoccurrence of hostilities puts the successive governments of Delta State since 1999. NEC calls in the Delta State governor to Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa to sum up the political will to implement the pending reports of the committees set up in the past to handle the issue. The government of Delta State cannot continue to play the ostrich by warehouse the reports of past efforts which may contain the solutions. We cannot continue to reinvent the wheel over this seemingly intractable communal crises. The state Governor must disabuse the suspicion and rumour making the rounds that the delay or refusal to be decisive is a strategy to promote the crisis or because the outcome of such implementation will be unfavourable to his political allies.
3. We call on security agencies especially the army and the police to be unbiased and obey their rules of engagement and be above board. Their primary purpose is peace keeping and containment of the crisis and not to intervene to balance hostilities. They should keep the parties apart by cutting off or taking over the battle fronts. On no account should the army invade any of the communities either to even the scores or to retaliate on behalf of any of them. Government must dispel the rumours making the rounds that powerful civil servants and senior government politicians are exploiting their leverage to get security personnel to favour them.
4. The leaders and people of Aladja and Ogbe-Ijaw must realise that their people need peace to develop. We call on all those who derive pleasure from the misery ̈of communal violence to find another job.
5. We call on the government of Delta State, the good people of Aladja and Ogbe-Ijaw and ethnic nationality leaders on both sides that they must take a positive step to halt the descent into repetitive violence at the earliest provocation. We call for firm action against perpetrators and sponsors of the violence, we appeal to the police and other security officials not to enforce the biases of the men of power of today but to truly answer to their consciences and God, they must be professional and neutral.
Martins Ahweyevu Mukoro Esq. Nat. Sec., UPU.
Chief Engr Joe Orode Omene, President General, UPU

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Written by Kamani Desmond

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